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Nonprofit Fundraising and Grant writing Fees

We aim for a return on investment of 8 – 10 x our fees for ongoing fundraising work for clients with an established donor base * 

Example: For an annual nonprofit funding goal of $250,000, we charge approximately $25,000, payable on a monthly basis.  

Ongoing development, campaigns and fundraising planning is estimated on project parameters. 


*A 12-month contract for clients with an established donor base are required to achieve the 8 to 10 times ration of service fees to results. For clients in an earlier stage of fundraising, we will help establish achievable objectives and estimate fees accordingly. All contracts include a mutual 60-day cancellation fee. One month of fees is required to begin work.  


Investor Fundraising Fees 

We work on a project basis with clients seeking investor funding. Typically, this work is done in advance or at the onset of fundraising rather than ongoing. Project fees are determined on the following factors: stage of company, investor goal, targeting requirements, coaching or coaching plus pitch decks/and or pitch participation. Fees are due in advance and are not dependent on the outcome of funding objectives. 


Investor Pitch / Capital Raise 

Hourly presentation coaching is available for 2-hour sessions at $500.00 for first-time clients. **


Project Fees 

Projects are estimated based upon scope and typically include a cap on both hours and fees.  A minimum investor pitch project including value proposition, pitch deck, refinement and coaching and practice pitch sessions is $5,000 (suitable for a $500k - $2 .5 million capital raise). 

Graphics may be additional. 


**The discounted 2-hour rate of $500.00 is available one time and only for first-time clients. Subsequent work will be estimated based on mutually agreed upon requirements.

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