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Joanne Henry, SCMP



​Joanne is a nationally recognized leader in strategic communications. Her 30 year track record of success in public relations and marketing includes product launches and issues communications. Equally versed in Main Street and Wall Street communications, Joanne has placed feature and business stories in media as diverse as The Oklahoman, San Jose Mercury News, Star Tribune, the New York Times, and local and major networks.   

She has been an executive or founder of three public relations firms from a specialized PR/Research boutique to a 50-person firm where she was executive vice president. She attended Concordia College, Moorhead, and  holds a B.A. degree from the University of St. Thomas with graduate certification in strategic communications management and fundraising. She is based in Minneapolis.  

Mike Klein 

Public Affairs and Internal Communications 


Mike Klein, Principal of Changing the Terms, works with PR for Good in the areas of public affairs, content and social network analysis, research and thought leadership. Mike is an internationally recognized internal communications leader and author of "From Lincoln to LinkedIn," a book discussing social communication and network dynamics in large organizations. Mike and Joanne currently work together on the IABC Global Trend Watch task force and other special projects.


Mike was previously Senior Editor at VEON, a global mobile company, and Communications Partner/Social Communication Lead for a division of Maersk, and worked on internal communication for Cargill's Tartan program. Prior to that, he worked on numerous successful political campaigns across the United States. Mike has a B.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, received a Poletti Fellowship from the State University of New York and earned his MBA from London Business School.

Erik Henry

Project Management and Production


​Erik has more than 10 years of production and event project management experience and is a free-lance marketer with a specialist in audio production and marketing communications. Erik produces and edits the podcast, “Trusted Sources” . He supports PR for Good clients in the areas of digital, audio and print editing as well as market research and analysis. He previously worked for as an interpreter and translator for the City government in Hamamatsu, Japan and as a project manager for the event production firm, Shimizu Octo in Tokyo. Erik graduated from Earlham College in Indiana and also studied at Waseda, University in Tokyo.

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